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You Crave What You Eat - - - GREATNESS IS A DECISION!!!!!

Great posting from one of my favorite peers. If you need some umph or motivation spend a few minutes to read (and hopefully change for the better). Conact me, maybe we can make a change together and hold each other accountable! Enjoy.

Cravings go to more than just food.

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!!!! Or are you?  Growing up that's what kids said to each other.  Got it???  You ARE WHAT YOU EAT!!!

I have a different take on this phrase....how about you CRAVE WHAT YOU EAT!!! 

This goes to

1)  FOOD

2)  LIFE


4)  BUSINESS and even

5)  LOVE!!!!!

So what gives?????  Let me share a story with you, then we'll talk about how it translates to life...


Here's the deal....one of my best friends in life works for a competitor.  We fizzle in and out of contact due to our frenetic lives.  She lived a wild life until a few years ago.  Not really wild, but definitely wilder than yours truly.  She ended up getting divorced, FINDING CHRIST, and subsequently getting remarried.  Forcing yourself to eat and do the right things make you crave the right thingsWhat she told me sticks with me to this day.  First, let me say that she was never fat..EVER..but in her mind, she was overweight and could use to lose a few pounds.  I remember having a conversation, but the result of the conversation was that you CRAVE WHAT YOU EAT.  You eat crap, then you crave it.  EAT GREATNESS, and you CRAVE IT


A lot of people, including your's truly want change in a certain area of life.  But the craving for the old garbage is always tugging on the shirt sleeve.  People want to:

Quit Smoking

Quit Drinking

Lose Weight

HERE'S A NOVEL IDEA...Have a great and successful business;

Be Disciplined in Work and in Life!!!!!

So let's translate a favorite of mine...food and health.  You ever watch the Biggest Loser?  People want to lose weight, but they don't want to give up the crappy foods they're eating.  Why????  They've eaten crap so long that crap is exactly what they crave.  Any whoooooooooo, my friend forced herself to eat fruits and raw vegetables and other stuff that sounds good on paper, but looks like it'll taste like crap to real men.  She told me that she force fed herself....(THAT'S CALLED DISCIPLINE)....AND LO AND BEHOLD she started to actually crave the good foods.  She started craving everything that was good for her.  It was a decision, than when stuck to provided great results and the cravings got in line.  Mind you, this wasn't overnight, but, most importantly, it was real. 

Here's the gig....life is like a box of chocolates.....scrap that....

If you want to change, YOU NEED DISCIPLINE!!!!!  There really isn't anything better for change.  I could go on about the psychology of forgiveness and the need to forgive yourself, but it's discipline that changes the result.  But.....


Want lose weight?  Get to the point of craving the good stuff.  IT WILL COME!  Want a better business, then discipline yourself to making daily non-negotiables.  It really does come in every facet of life.  This year, I've been working on Bible Study and Health.  In both cases, the more I force feed myself the good stuff, the more that I crave that good stuff.  It was hard to switch, but once done, life has been grand.

Holy Sni-keees Batman!!!!  Man Eating JalepenosHoly wacka  nacka!!!!!  The challenge that exists in creating discipline can be insane.  The reward that comes from this success is even greater.  Remember the great successes come from great sacrifices. 

I know that there are some in the rain who don't want success even though they claim that they do....  However, once that effort is put forth, that changes everything.

Good stuff indeed......Worth the price????








Comment balloon 3 commentsStephen Kappre • February 18 2009 09:30PM


Those hot dog eating contests are just crazy! I have seen a few of them.

Posted by Bill Gassett, Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate (RE/MAX Executive Realty) almost 12 years ago

Oh, yeah.  People want the good stuff in life, but hate the discipline of attaining it.  Get the worst thing off your plate first thing in the morning...everything is downhill from there. Just a thought. And, keep on top of everything so nothing topples over.   Duh.  Thanks. 

Posted by Don Sabinske, Sabinske & Associates Inc. (Don Sabinske, Sabinske & Associates Inc.) almost 12 years ago

Bill - After 2 or 3 i'm done for quite a while

Don - Your statement is true, people do want the best but are to familiar with the fast, easy lifestyle of our country. Not to say people don't work hard, but it is easy for many people to get lulled to thinking everything will just come to them easy.

Posted by Stephen Kappre, Helping You Home (KW Hometown) almost 12 years ago

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